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“Each session is an invitation to restore health on both the most evident and least tangible levels; an invitation to the moment and space where healing can happen.”

– Janine


Our physical structure is just one aspect of who we are. We are so much more dynamic than just our body. There is a universal energy that moves through us and animates us. We are multidimensional beings of beautiful mystery, a collaboration of the physical and the etheric.

The human body is extraordinary. It strives toward health and balance. Its self-healing capacity, amazing! I hope to bring this understanding to everyone I touch so that each person experiences the inner wisdom and healing nature of their own body.

People who seek a session are often feeling pain, physical or metaphysical—a disharmony in one adversely affecting the other. In the work that I do, I bridge the physical and metaphysical, the body and spirit. I help re-orient the physical self and the energetic self to each other and to their natural vibration of health.

I have worked with massage and energy for over 30 years and bring to each session extensive experience and knowledge.

About Janine

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“My work references the client’s body for them, creating a vivid therapeutic experience of themselves, from within themselves.” –Janine

For over 30 years, Janine Strenta, MA, MS, LAc, LMT, has worked with massage and energy in both private practice and as a senior faculty member at the prestigious Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in New York City.

Along with her extensive medical massage experience, her background includes the study of acupuncture, herbs, hypnotherapy, as well as other healing modalities. She has studied with Jeffrey Yuen (Eastern Healing Arts) and is currently studying with Ronit Singer (Embodiment Yoga, Meditation).

Janine also develops curriculum and teaches the following post-graduate classes: Swedish Institute Medical Massage Certification course: The Strenta MethodExploring Energy, and Fusion:  A Synthesis of Physical and Energetic Body Work.

She has taught massage and energy workshops throughout the United States. She currently has a private practice in Manhattan.

My Story

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Truth be told, I would love nothing more than to be a purveyor of magic and a provider of miracles…and in a way, sometimes, I am. The energy whisperer is what my clients have called me, as well as a sorcerer, an energy magician, and Merlin.

When I was four years old, I remember imagining that I could project energy from the palms of my hands—powerful energy. Now, so many years later, I find, rather miraculously, that my musings as a child foretold my life’s path.

At age 23, a chance encounter with a distant acquaintance set me on that path, a journey that continues today. Her recommendation to pursue my interest in anatomy at the Swedish Institute, and the Institute’s requirement that I study massage therapy in order to enroll in anatomy classes, resulted in finding my life’s calling.

I have never gone in search of miracles, yet curiously, the miraculous found me, over and over again. I can look back at the unfolding events and encounters that led me to this moment—healers, spiritual teachers, loves, and life itself—all contributing their piece.

To be led so conclusively toward a fixed point, no matter how I had otherwise planned my life, makes me chuckle. I can look back at the incredible design and orchestration of these events, often consciousness fracturing in nature, always causing me to cast a wider and wider net around what is possible. Events that changed me, yet always leading me, in ever deeper ways, to the healing work that I now do.

About A Session

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Wholeness, integration, embodiment, transformation are words used to describe the inner feeling sought by my clients. During the session I address your concerns, whether energetic blocks, pain relief, physical injury, or the desire to feel more connected to yourself. Whatever your goals, I create a space for healing, restoration and rejuvenation.

I design the session by listening to the language of your body with my hands and tailor a therapeutic experience for you in response. Each session is a synthesis of massage and energy work. The most effective sessions evolve and unfold in the moment and are designed to take you to another place—a place of pain relief, well-being, deep calm and soothing stillness.


Each appointment is 90 minutes, broken down into a 70-minute hands-on session with 10 minutes at the beginning and end of the session to talk. Sessions begin and end at the scheduled time, with payment expected at the time service is rendered. There is a 24-hour notice required for cancellation, or you will be charged for the appointment.


“There is such reverence in her presence and work…it felt holy. There was a blessed feeling in the room and I felt elevated along with having physical relief that I hadn’t experienced before. Besides having a massage component, Janine addresses issues from “above and below” with heart centered work. It’s quite difficult to fully put into words the whole process but it definitely includes the tangible and intangible. Janine is a conduit to something higher and sacred and it was the most supported deep impacting work I’ve received. It is truly a special experience and I feel as if I’ve been put back together. Her work transcends above and beyond just bodywork to address the whole of the person.”

—  Leah Applebaum, Massage Therapist, New York, New York

“To say Janine Strenta has changed my life is an understatement: she has restored, renewed, and re-awakened my entire relationship with my life: body, mind, and spirit. I have been working with Janine for several years, and the depth of her knowledge astonishes me still. Her bodywork is extraordinary, transformative, healing. Janine sees things no one else can see. It’s as though she can see the inner workings of physicality, and her illuminations resonate long after the session is done. Janine possesses that rare combination of book-smart and intuitively insightful. I am so very fortunate to work with such a gifted healer.”

— Stephen Tomac, Massage Therapist and Teacher, New York, New York

“Janine really helped me. I am a runner and I went to Janine with reoccurring ankle pain. She gave me relief in one session. Her knowledge of anatomy was easy to see and she quickly isolated my issue. She was able to do the necessary work and the pain has stayed away since.”

— Peter Wadsworth, Art Director, Brooklyn NY

“Janine’s work is at once informed and inspired at every level. Her experience elevates her gift and allows profound healing to take place.”

— Kelli Taylor, Massage Therapist, New York, New York

“Her rather small hands

precisely traced my stiff neck,

gently cradled my exhausted mind,

softly whispered to me to let go.

Floating in the warmth,

the darkest lump deep in me was dissolved

for the first time in my life.”

— Snow S., Massage Therapist, New York, New York


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TUTORIALS: Expand your knowledge and practice

These tutorials are designed as a professional consultation service where students are encouraged to come with their own topics and questions. All of my knowledge and experience is available to youI can demonstrate structural or energetic techniques, discuss protocols, answer questions and support you in your work. Each tutorial class is two to four students.

Please note: these tutorials are open only to licensed massage therapists.

Cost: Tutorials are 1.5 hours (minimum). The time and fee can be split between two students. 

Read more about my teaching philosophy here


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• New York State License in Acupuncture, 2000

• New York State License in Massage Therapy, 1983

• Certified in Hypnotherapy, 2002

• NCBTMB approved provider


• M.S., B.P.S., Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences, August 2000. Concentration: Acupuncture

• M.A., New York University, 1995. Concentration: Special Education

• B.A., Brooklyn College, 1990. Concentration: Philosophy

• Diploma, Swedish Institute, 1982. Concentration: Massage Therapy



Senior Instructor: 1983 – Present, Clinical Strategies East and West, Clinical Internship III, Swedish Massage I, Medical Massage  |  Chairperson Clinical Studies Department: 1985 – 2001, curriculum design and revision  | Director of Massage Therapy Clinics: 1985 – 2001  |  Curriculum Committee Member: 1997 – 2001, responsible for conceiving, designing, creating and implementing the Associates Degree Program in Massage Therapy  |  Post Graduate Instructor: developed and teaches the Swedish Institute Medical Massage Certification course: The Strenta Method, Exploring Energy, Fusion: A Synthesis of Physical and Energetic Body Work


Advanced Acupuncture, Two-Year Certification Program with Jeffrey C. Yuen  | Chinese Dietary Therapy, One-Semester Course with Jeffrey C. Yuen  | Chinese Herbal Studies, One-Year Program with Jeffrey C. Yuen  |  Training in Tui Na, Two Semesters with Jeffrey C. Yuen  |  Eight Extraordinary Vessels and their Herbs; Luo Channels and their Herbs; The Luo Channels; The Eight Extraordinary Vessels; The Divergent Meridians; Cancer from a Chinese Perspective; The Evolution of the Meridians with Jeffrey C. Yuen  |  The Language of Energies; Deep Into Awareness; Enlightened Communication with Ronit Singer


Massage Therapy and Energy Work, 1983 – Present  |  Acupuncture, 2000 – Present


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Your session takes place in a clean, quiet, space conveniently located in Manhattan.


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New clients are taken by referral only. When contacting Janine, please state who referred you. Thank You.